Various Types Of Hanging Planters

You can add optical influence in terms of texture, hue, and shape and give the impression of conveying high spaces in your garden with hanging planters up in the air. There is an assortment of designs, dimensions, and colors for these planters, but wire, plastic, or wood are three basic suspended planter types to limit your choice.


The most natural-appearing choice is wood hanging planters. To avoid fungus or mildew development triggered by the wood’s contact with humid soil a protective material, like plastic is needed to line wood. Plants such as bromeliads, orchids, and ferns usually use Wood planters.

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Lightweight design, sturdiness, and adaptability are characteristic of wire baskets. Because it not usually solid for wire planters, to hold the planting medium they must be lined with moss, plastic, or coconut husk and classic, modern, and country styles would fit well. You can create a ball effect that allow for planting over the sides with wire hanging planters in sizes fit for 3 feet in diameter.

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It is usually lightweight and versatile to use plastic hanging planters. Most types of plants can be accommodated and a range of sizes are available to choose with this type. You do not need lining material and it is easy to fill plastic planters due to their solid characteristic. There are drain holes in most plastic planters and either permanent or removable drip tray from the base is available. Plastic are more durable than the hanging baskets but there are more color options than wood or wire planters. The plastic planters may snap If left in the cold or heat or is hit down.

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Salvaged supplies

On condition that you can drill drainage holes into it, hanging planters can be made from almost any container. You can line those with plastic or added shielding substantial, and fill plants with plastic bowls, wicker baskets, buckets, strainers, old pots, old shoes, bird cages, and dried gourds. The recycled object is then attached with a sturdy chain and you now have unique planter. The container can be used as suspended planter whenever it can hold soil and can be suspended firmly.

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 Because of their open design, it tends to dry out rapidly with hanging baskets. Wire or wood are likely to withering unlike solid planters, but to avoid the growing media from withering out, you need careful devotion to watering for most planters no matter the material. Once plants, soil, and water are filled in, you need sturdy enough material to hold your hanging planters for its weight and hanging planters need a solid, strong site to hang because after watering they can become weighty.

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