Homemade Bug Spray For Your Indoor Herb Garden

People are seduced to reach for herbs as they cook as they are aromatic and appetizing. This makes people often grow herbs indoors such as on the kitchen ledge. There are rarely pest plagues attacking herbs as their strong aromas but there are the same bugs that frequently destroy indoor herb garden and plants. You won’t harm your herbs with an all-natural spray.

Troublesome Bugs

Indoor herb garden is often infested by spider mites, aphids, and white flies. The undersides of leaves are usually where Aphids clustering. With the look like small moving spots, in serious infestations, Spider mites often trails small webs behind. Greatly similar aphids do, cluster on the undersides of leaves is tiny, waxy bugs called White flies.

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Liquid Suds Spray

There have been 200 years people combat pests with soaps. Liquid soap can be used to make your own bug-combat spray for your indoor herb garden. There should be only about 2 percent of the mixture of the soap compose so the spray needs to be watered down as soaps can detriment the leaves of the plants. Blend water with indoors and outdoors liquid detergent to make a soap-based spray. Entirely coat the bugs when spraying. Keep spraying until there is no bug seen. Laundry detergent or dry soap is too harsh for plants so avoid them. After you use the soap spray, wash the herbs several hours if you’re concerned about the soap distressing the leaves. The dead bugs will also be washed off with this.

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Garlic Spray

You probably won’t want to use chemicals although to treat them you take the herbs outside as not a single person wants to spray deadly chemicals within their houses. Keeping it to be edible for the leaves is the one you make sure. As an alternative, garlic is mainly of another aromatic plant to compose a chemical-free bug killer. Mix water with 15 pounded cloves. Fill it into a spray bottle after straining. Spray mixture to the herbs until they are totally drizzly. Repeat this every few days until there is no bug on the indoor herb garden.

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Alternative way

To blow bugs off your indoor herb garden, all you need is a strong jet of water in some cases. Hose the pots down in the bathtub or outside to remove spider mites, aphids, and white flies. White flies are often able to survive soap sprays so if they infect herbs try this first. Vacuum the bugs straight off the plant is alternative option using a simple, handheld vacuum.

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