Best Way To Use Large Fiberglass Planters

Several plants will have enough space with larger pots. The larger sizes planters often cost less and weigh less and planters made of fiberglass are less susceptible to cracking and look a lot like clay pots. You can create a mini garden in the planters with larger pots as to fill out the growing space, multiple plants are required. Anyplace in the landscape can be decorated with pots. Add a central point along a garden, frame a driveway entering path or introduce color to a patio with fiberglass planters.


Make sure there are drainage holes at the lowermost of the fiberglass planters. If there is no hole, create some in the bottom of the pot to drain excess water out by drill 6 0.5 inch diameter holes. As it may be too weighty to carry the pot after filling, before filling plants and soil, move the fiberglass pot in the desired site. For the type of plants you are growing, there should be enough sunbeams in the location.fiberglass plant pots sydney


Fill a lightweight potting medium within 3 inches of the edge of the pot. Garden soil prevents suitable root development and drainage because it compacts in large containers so avoid it. Before take out the plants from their nursery containers, position them over the soil. When developed in pots, half the gaps specified on the plant tag is necessary by most plants. Close the middle of the pot is for taller plants and shorter plants are placed around it. If preferred, around the edge of the fiberglass planters can be added trailing plants.

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Take out the plants from their nursery pots and plant them in the preferred position in the fiberglass planters. Use the same depth for previously grown to plant. Add a coat of mulch about 1-inch over the soil. Until the plants bulk up the pot, there will be a good covering and water loss prevention from vaporization using the mulch. The soil humidity in the pot should be checked every day and when the uppermost inch of soil feels desiccated, add water. Although large containers that aren’t over planted may retain moisture longer than smaller pots containers, they can dry out faster than garden beds.



To perform as filler, add creased plastic bottles or cans to the lowermost of deep fiberglass planters. The filler decreases the amount of soil required that causes the pots lighter and delivers drainage. Many plants grow well with only soil depth 10 inches.

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