The Truth about the benefits of chia seeds

Long before it became a popular superfood, the warriors and people of Aztecs has been eating it. That is right, chia seeds is what we are talking about here. Chia seeds originally originated in the state of Chia of Mexico. The old people of the ancient Mexican civilization called it strength food for its various nutritional values. Nowadays, hipster and health freak all over the world really worship this food for various benefits it can give. But can you really guess the exact benefits of chia seeds? Well here is some of it.

benefits of chia seeds for athletes

Weight loss

Yes you are right, Chia seeds are diet food. As a diet food, the benefits of chia seeds go beyond just losing fat. It contains a huge ratio of protein which is good if you are planning to build muscle. Chia seed turns out to be full of water because its ability to suck in ten times liquid of its original weight. Thus, it will hydrate you while you are burning up muscle in your exercise routine. Weight loss might be the first and foremost benefit of this fine little seeds. But you can’t deny how good it is as a protein source for your body.

benefits of chia seeds for hair growth

Heart of Gold

Other than sugar and blood stream, the benefits of chia seeds affect our central organ, which is heart. But how so? you might ask. Well, chia seeds will practically control and regulate the rate of cholesterol in your body. Therefore, the risk of experiencing heart attack is decreased exponentially. Plus, these seeds are excellent anti inflammatory meal which prevent different kinds of inner inflammation in our precious organ. Other positive side effects of chia seeds is the tendency of lower blood pressure from consuming it. This, once again, relate to the fact that chia seeds are good for your heart.

benefits of chia seeds for pregnancy

Bye Bye Diabetes

Believe it or not, curing diabetes is one of the benefits from consuming chia seeds. The benefits of chia seeds initially only seems to be surrounding exterior health. But in recent development, different researches revealed that chia seeds contain Alpha Linoleic Acid. This acid could prevent diabetes in two different ways. First, it burns fats in the sanguine system. This way, they will not be transformed into a blood sugar. Secondly, they banish insulin resistance. Thus, your physics is capable of receiving the true nature of insulin as a sugar destroyer in your body.

benefits of chia seeds for runners

benefits of chia seeds running

health benefits of chia seeds for athletes

health benefits of chia seeds for athletes