Biology 101: compare and contrast plant and animal cells

Do you know that plants and animals have different kinds of cells that comprise their existence? Well, they actually do. Of course they have plenty of similarity in the cells. But in dominated frequency of times, you might just encounter unsameness in the system just because they are categorized as unsimiliar species. If you are a big fan of biology, you must like these articles. But if you are not, you will still find this discussion rather amusing we promise you. To discuss this matter it means that we are to compare and contrast plant and animal cells side by side.

Animal cells

In the first part of our attempt to compare and contrast plant and animal cells is by analyzing the animal one. Just by the shape of cells, they are in a shape that is irregular that is also round at the same time. Unlike the plant cells, animal cells do not really have a wall. Instead, it has plenty of little vacuoles within the cells which differentiate it from the plant variation. The animal cells could be like that because it is contained of a whole system of centrioles from head to toe, inside and outside. Unlike plants which are mostly greens, animal cells do not own what we call as chloroplast. Instead, it has cilia in every one of its cells. In addition, it also has what they call as lysosomes which usually exist in almost every single of the cells.

Plant Cells

Secondly, we will discuss the plant cells in our attempt to compare and contrast plant and animal cells. Plant cells own this unique wall that is made out of cellulose. And in doing so, they have different shape or form. We know that animal cells tends to be round or not regular shaping, but plant cells are mostly shaped rectangular. The vacuole in plant cells is usually just one big vacuole. Although they only have one, but it is usually so big that it almost takes the whole place of the cells. In terms of centrioles, it will only exist down in the lower part of the plants which has already aged. And what makes the plant cells really different compared to animal cells is that they produce their own food. That is why plant cells own what scientists call as chloroplast. These green little things help plants to produce, process, and digest their own meal. It is very interesting to absorb all of this knowledge.

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