Simple Steps in Starting a Compost Pile

There are many things that we can do to maintain this world to stay green where one of them is by starting to make a compost which is why a knowledge in knowing the proper way for starting a compost pile is very needed. Before we indulge ourselves more to the proper way to do composting, we must know the real definition of composting itself. Composting is basically an act that transforms a complex organic material to a simple material in the form of separated substances. The transformation is supported by the decaying process that will be undergone by every organic materials. The purpose of composting itself is to reduce the amount of organic wastes in the landfills which can be poisonous and also to give high nutrients to the soil where the compost is spread. In here we are going to give you simple steps in starting a compost pile which can be done by ourselves.


The first one is preparation for starting a compost pile is preparation where we need to prepare some stuffs. Those stuffs are carbon rich materials, nitrogen rich materials, garden soil, and also a site with a minimum 3 feet wide and 3 feet long for its dimension. The next thing we do is to start making the compost pile. The first step in starting a compost pile is to spread the carbon rich materials which can be leaves, cornstalk, or even straw. The nest step to be done is by put the nitrogen rich materials which can be kitchen waster or animal manures on the top of the carbon rich materials. The third step is to add a thin layer of garden soil to the top of the nitrogen rich materials. The fourth step is to add carbon rich materials (again) to the top of the garden soil. Finally, the last step which is to moisten all of the three layers of both carbon rich materials and nitrogen rich materials that have been placed in the proper order.

How to Get It Done

Now basically we have done starting a compost pile where it consists of three layers of both carbon and nitrogen rich materials which have been moistened. However, it will not stop on this result where we should repeat the same three layers on the top of the previous three layers until the height reaches 3 ft. If we have done it, congratulations, we have succeeded in starting a compost pile.