Simple Design On How To Build Storage Shed To Store Garden Tools

Garden tools are important gear to help you maintain your valuable flower or vegetable plants at your lawn. They are easily damaged and get rust by weather if left uncovered outside. Make sure you store these tools inside away from daylight or humid. Or if you want to keep it close to your garden, you can storage shade at your lawn. Take a look at these steps on how to build storage shed.

Tools and Supplies

To create a 4 x 10 inch shed, these materials are required on how to build storage shed. Prepare a framing nailer, finish nailer, a circular and a miter saw, tape and level measure, shims, galvanized nails, safety glasses, four 4×6 10-foot beams, 20 boards 2x4x8, ten 5/4 x 6 inch decking boards, one roll roofing paper, 15 boards 1x4x8, five sheets siding, one bundle shingles, two sheets CDX ½ inch plywood, four foundation blocks cement, and one 36” exterior pre-hung door and lockset.

Building Steps

The first thing on how to build storage shed is to level the ground to make the foundation for the shed. At each corner, put a foundation block in the ground. For floor base, make the perimeter frame by miter cut the 4×6 boards. The frame should be level whole around. Secure one more beam inside the foundation laterally to the perimeter with framing nails. Make the floor with decking boards by covering platform. Cut the boards according to size and Lay them through the frame. Secure with framing nails. Use 2×4 boards and a framing nailer to edge the walls 16 inches on middle. Bring together the enclosing on the ground then fasten to the foundation. If you want to create a pitched roof, add extra framing to lengthen the two side walls and front wall. Provide sufficient space for the door and support.

Prepare six 2×4 boards to size for the ceiling supports. Line up the lowermost of the joist with the upper front wall. Lower the joist about ¾ inch on the rear wall lower the top of the wall and lineup the upper plate of the rear wall onto the joist. Use a jig saw to cut out the notch. Lay the roof upon a flat area from the notched rafters. Fasten the rafters with a framing nailer on top of the rear and front walls. Cover the roof with 1/2-inch plywood and secure. Attach roofing paper above the plywood. Starting at the roof’s bottommost part, nail the roofing material over the paper. Set up the door and Screw to the studs. That’s the steps on how to build storage shed.