Portfolio landscape lighting For a Glamour Look

Portfolio landscape lighting is very popular in today’s era where it fits in any circumstances. Yes, this type of lighting can be used to lighten up our front yard or even the back yard of our house and also it can be used for commercial occasions, for example, it can be installed on the front part of the restaurant and hotel to add glamour and luxurious looks. Our house can also look glamour when we install a proper portfolio landscape lighting with all of its variation. Yes, there are tons of variation when it comes to a landscape lighting where we can choose which variation which is the most suitable house or business.


The question that may rise is: why should we choose portfolio landscape lighting? There are three benefits that we can get by using this type of landscape lighting which are an affordable price, long lasting durability, and also the use of LED technology in every lightings. Therefore, using this type of lighting is much recommended for some of us who want to freshen up our both front and back yard in the night and also to save some money to replace lighting due to the poor durability or paying high electricity bills due to inefficient lighting. In here we are going to give you several examples of portfolio landscape lighting that can be used for further reference.

First Example

The first example of portfolio landscape lighting is the Portfolio Specialty Bronze Low Voltage 5.5-Watt (20 W Equivalent) Led Path Light. This type of landscape lighting has a contemporary look that offers many benefits. The first benefit is low voltage LED which is installed in this lighting and also a 5.5 watt long lasting LED technology. By those two benefits, we can save more energy while using it all through the night. The LED itself produces a white warm light and also 160 lumens which is very good for a landscape lighting.

Second Example

The second example of portfolio landscape lighting is the Portfolio Bronze Low Voltage 3-Watt (11 W Equivalent) Led Path Light. Now this type of landscape lighting offers a different look comparing with the previous lighting where it offers a classic and luxurious look at the same time. This lighting also uses an LED technology with the output of 120 lumens with a warm light glow. In conclusion, there are many types of portfolio landscape lighting where each of them offers different advantages.