Organic Potting Soil for Better Plants

Best Condition

Plants cannot grow well when it is not being planted in the best condition where organic potting soil is one of the requirement if we want to see our plants thrive better. This kind of soil is needed to maintain a good flow of nutrient to the plants thus it can grow to its best form. Potting soil is actually a kind of soil that is used for the plants in our pots or planters therefore it is quite different with the soil which is used to grow plants on the field. Potting soil also can be divided into two categories based on the main ingredient of the soil which are organic potting soil and also chemical potting soil. Although chemical potting soil offers a better combination of substance that can boost the growth of our potted plants but it contains chemical substances that can be quite dangerous if it is not being treated in the proper way. Especially when we have kids, chemical potting soil is not recommended where it can cause severe consequences when kids play around the garden with chemical potting soil being used in our pots and planters. Thus, organic potting soil is more recommended since it does not contain any chemical substance where the effectiveness rate to make our potted plants have a tremendous growth is basically the same.

Earthworm Castings

There are several organic potting soils that are recommended to be used for our plants. The first one is the earthworm castings. This is basically one of the best organic oils for our potted plants because of its high nutrients and microorganisms that are contained in thee soils. Earthworm castings is also a soil which is the final result of the digested soil by earth worms therefore it is very nutritious. The beneficial microbes is also contained in this organic potting soil where it has many good uses for our plants such as fighting off plants diseases and also aiding plant growth.

Black Gold

Another recommended organic potting soil for our plants is black gold. Some said this product is one if the best organic soils for our potted plants. Why? It is because of the formula that is specifically made for every kind of potted plants. Unlike the previous organic soil, this soil uses three kind of organic materials which are earthworm castings, peat moss, and also perlite. The combination of those materials are claimed to be ensure excellent air space and pore.