Optimize the Space with Hanging Indoor Planters


Gardening seems to be something that will create a comfortable atmosphere in our house where the choice is hanging indoor planters to be placed in our garden is a wise one. Well, this is actually the best choice for some of us does not have enough room to build our desired garden. Hanging indoor planters are saving the space that can be used for other gardening purposes. Just imagine that not only the field of the garden which is filled with beautiful plants but also our walls. There are many plants that can be planted in this gardening planters whereas not all of plants that can be planted in these planters. Therefore we need to seek the best plant that is both can be planted using these kind of planters and also suitable with our taste. In here we are going to give you a bit review about some of the hanging indoor planters which are recommended to be used in our garden.

Space Efficiency

As what has been mentioned before, hanging indoor planters are recommended for those who have small space for the garden in their house. One of the most popular planters with this type is self-watering hanging planters. Yes, the name of the product explains the unique function of these planters where it can self-watering. It means that plants that are planted in these planters can survive two to three days without being watered by us. The self-watering feature works in the simple way where it has wick system that allow the moisture to be drawn from reservoir to the soil hence we the plants will feed themselves. A much recommended planter for those who tend to forget to water their plants although the maximum days for not watering the plants is up to three days.

Ballavaz Juan Planters

Another recommended indoor hanging planters are Ballavaz Juan planters. Well, this type of planters are a bit unique where it doesn’t only have the hanging planters but it is also accompanied with a flat board on the back side of the planters. Simply giving a different look to our garden with its unique design and bright colors. Another good thing from these planters are the drainage holes that can drain the water for the plants. Ballavas juan planters are planters that can be implemented in both outdoor and indoor places. In conclusion, hanging indoor planters can give more choices for our garden and to optimize every single space in our garden.