Installation Guide To Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

Set up some low voltage landscape lighting to lighten flower beds, fences, and other sorts to make your patio or garden accessible this summer and spring. A great and diverse family of patio lighting furniture is described by Landscape lighting. Brighten doorways, pathways, trees, fences, stone walls, driveways, flower beds, and more with these flexible, durable lights. The 120-volt current from your house or line voltage is mostly used to operate several landscape lighting systems. Low-voltage systems are highly recommended for DIY installation that operates on just 12 volts since they’re use less energy, less expensive, safer, and easier to install. You can find heaps of low-voltage lighting fittings and accessories accessible in a range of sizes, styles, finishes and colors. Regardless of its intricacy, there are four basic parts compose almost every system.

Low-Voltage Electrical Cable

Since the cable used for low voltage landscape lighting is buried underground, choose one that is specifically made for this. It lights all fitting in the system and runs from the transformer. 16-, 14-, and 12-, gauge are common low-voltage cable available. The higher the number, the thinner the wire, and the lower its capacity. Choose cable according to the length of cable you need and the size of the transformer. For instance, a 300-watt transformer provide power for 14-gauge of 150 feet cable, or 16-gauge of 100 feet cable, or 12-gauge of 200 feet cable.


The transformer is the power behind every low voltage landscape lighting system. It drops down from 120 volts the house current to 12 volts plugged into an outdoor electrical outlet. There is a 24-hour timer on most transformers so users can set when the illuminations go on and off routinely. The maximum wattage output influence how transformers are rated. There are 44 watts to 900 watts models range. Just total the wattage of all the lights in the system to define which transformer model needed.

Accent Fittings

The accent lights are the least known low voltage landscape lighting design but it also play important role. Often unseen from view, these domain fittings include up lights, spotlights, floodlights, and wall-wash fittings. Shrubs, trees, walls, fences, flower beds, ponds, and many scenery sorts are lighten by them.

Pathway Illuminations

Symbolizes the most trendy and chic of landscape lights, this type of fixture is designed for installation along driveways and walkways. Brown-, black-, or green-, painted fittings of low voltage landscape lighting can mix in with the environments while glossy plated-metal or copper fittings are prominent.