How to Get the Best Raised Bed Vegetable Garden Layout

Raised bed vegetable garden should be one of the best solutions if we want to stat gardening hence it is important to know about the most appropriate raised bed vegetable garden layout. Before we are discussing more about the proper layout that will be applied into our bed vegetable garden, we need to know the benefits in having raised bed vegetable garden rather than an ordinary garden. Raised bed vegetable garden is basically a vegetable garden where it has an elevation which is above the surface where the elevation number varies depend on our own need and taste.

Several Benefits

There are several benefits that we can get raised bed vegetable garden comparing to an ordinary garden. The first benefit is to prevent any ground pests in eating our vegetable plants. The second benefit is to provide better watering process and drainage system which can enhance growth of our vegetable plants. The third benefit is for preventing ourselves to bend too much since it has a higher elevation from the surface. With those benefits, raised bed vegetable garden is more preferable nowadays to be implemented in our garden. However, problem comes when we have to decide raised bed vegetable garden layout which is appropriate with our garden. In here we are going to talk mainly about the proper layout for our raised bed vegetable garden.

Exact Dimension

In order to know the best raised bed vegetable garden layout for our garden, we need to know the exact dimension of our garden. Knowing our garden’s dimension will make us easier to plan the layout. After we know the dimension, we must guarantee that our garden has a good sunlight penetration and enough water sources. Then we can start to plan the division of plants in our garden by planning the raised bed shape. It is recommended to use a shape that can optimize the size of our garden such as triangle which is placed on the corner of our garden or elongated rectangular shape which is placed on the center of our garden.

Other Things

The next thing that we can do to get a proper raised bed vegetable garden layout is to gather similar vegetable plants on the same elevated beds. The main reason is to make it easier in maintaining those veggies and also to make our raised bed vegetable garden to be well-arranged. In conclusion, the choosing of the best raised bed vegetable garden layout is affected by the size and shape of our garden and the type of veggies that we plant.