How to Build a Compost Bin In Two Types Units

Composting is basically a natural process of decomposing organic materials into simpler component elements which can be intervened with human activities such as the making of compost bin which is why the need to know how to build a compost bin is very important. It is important when we don’t want to spend too much money in buying compost containers that are priced a bit pricy nowadays whereas we only need less money to build our own compost bin by simple materials. However, before we search for more information about how to build a compost bin, we need to know the compost method that we want to use since a different compost method yields a different compost bin. In here we are going to give a bit information about how to build our own compost bin with a certain compost method.

Holding Unit

The first thing that will be discussed is how to build a compost bin with holding unit method. Holding unit method is basically a method that allows organic materials to be decomposed completely on a bin or a container. There are actually two ways to build a compost bin using this method which are the wire-mesh holding unit and also snow-fence holding unit. In here we are going to talk more about wire-mesh holding unit because it is easy to be built and also only requires cheap materials. Materials that are needed are tin snips, pliers, hammer/metal file, and work gloves for our safety. First thing that we need to do is to fold back 3 until 4 inches of wire hence it will be easy to latch. Next we must form the wire into a circle shaped which is circling the compost file. Soon after that we need to cut heavy wires into lengths which is for ties. The last thing to be done is by placing woods or metal posts inside and outside the wire-mesh holding unit to provide support to the foundation.

Turning Unit

Another method that also can be used for composting is the turning unit method where in here we are going to give a quick review on how to build a compost bin with this method. First, we need to prepare two important materials which are woods and wires. Then we need to build three rooms for decomposing place where each room is connected with wire. Now this is what’s so called as wood and wire three bin unit where the way in learning how to build a compost bin with this type is a bit complicated.