Guide To Purchasing Outdoor Porch Lights Low Voltage

Enlightening and decreasing tripping hazards can make a home safer and also less tempting to intruders by installing outdoor lighting. A brightly lit house would less likely to get robbed. Architectural features can be accentuated by lighting and be a nice addition to scenery designs. Home lighting plays important role in energy usage. You can save money Using low voltage lighting as it reduce electric bills and replacement of new bulbs. Compared to regular incandescent bulb, energy efficient bulbs last ten times more. Incandescent bulbs use 150 watts while energy efficient bulbs use to seventeen watts. Read this article to find out guide to outdoor porch lights low voltage for home use and tips for how to make them more energy efficient.


Look for the ENERGY STAR grade when shopping outdoor porch lights low voltage. Light bulbs have to meet particular energy efficient rules with the purpose of be ENERGY STAR graded. Compared to traditional bulbs, energy efficient bulbs have to generate 75 percent less heat, consume 75 percent less energy, have to last a lowest of 3,200 hours and deliver three times more lumens. It lasts 10,000 hours by most energy efficient light. It is also regulated the mercury content of CFLs. Moreover, in order to succeed the rating, the bulbs have to pass numerous reliability control, quality, safety, performance tests and color consistency.

Outdoor porch lights low voltage consists of two types. Compared to incandescent bulbs, LED and CFL lights can last longer and use less energy. They are still very more efficient than incandescent no matter they are ENERGY STAR graded or not. The bulbs are defined their bright with Lumens. The lights will be brighter with more lumens. Some lights appear brighter as they have reflectors inside them.

Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) Bulbs

The CFL lights are small sized fluorescents. They emit light that is more like natural sunshine perfect for outdoor porch lights low voltage not like full-size fluorescents. CFLs last ten times longer and use half less energy than incandescent do.

Light Emitting Diode (LED) Bulbs

The LEDs contain a group of small lights in the bulb that are gathered together. Different to traditional lighting, these outdoor porch lights low voltage are really energy efficient, compact and directional. Rather than all around, the light projects onward that make some LEDs are manufactured with a diffuser lens to spherically diffuse the light. They cost down due to the latest developments in low-cost ways. Their primary cost is high but they make up for the purchase with long lifespan and low energy usage.