Calla Lily Bulbs

Are you a flower lover? Do you like flowers so much? If yes, Calla Lily Bulbs might be one of the flowers that you can choose to be had. If you want to own this flower you need to pay for about $5 to $9 for a stem at its florist shops. Then what do we need to be considered to grow this flower

calla lily bulbs growing

A. Outdoor Beds

If you want to grow this flower for outdoor, you need to do many things, such as:

  1. Find the location to plant this flower that has soil drains well, if there are some water still exist in the water puddles for about 5 to 6 hours after hard rain. Then you need also site your own callas where this flower can get the sun to be bright to filter the light.
  2. The dig holes to plant its calla lily bulbs need to be shallowly to the tops of its tubers that are exposed.
  3. After planting it, it needs to be watered, water it generously to settle the soil needed around the tubers.
  4. Calla Lily Bulbs need to be given enough water to keep its soil quite damp and never enough to be soggy to be had. Then when it is in bloom season, feels free to cut its flower for a bouquet. Cutting it, doesn’t mean hurting it, because it will graceful and long lasting for blooming to bring its indoors
  5. After it is finished, let the leaves gather the sunlight and let it provide you a nourishment for its next season.
  6. After its bloom season, it will rest for some months before it begins to the next growing cycle.


B. When it is planted on the planters, pot, tubs and urns

First thing, you need to fill the containers itself with a good quality and well-drained soil. Beside that you need also to make sure its adequate drainage holes, then you need to keep in mind also its mature size of its varieties that you have chosen then plan the container size that you are going to choose.

black calla lily bulbs for sale

Secondly, it should be feel so free to mix your calla lily bulbs with other plant and place it in the same place. If it has done, you just need to remember that it must have the same light and the needs of the water itself.


Then, you need also to dig the holes and plant it shallowly, which means you need to make sure that the tops of the tubers that should be exposed. After your planting activities done, you just need to water your callas lily bulbs generously, it is used to settle the soil in around of the tubers, roots and sprouts that will be formed in some weeks, and of course it depends on the soil and temperatures around its plant.

calla lily bulbs growing

Why it is so important? Because if the temperatures of the plant are cool waiting until it is warm will be very helpful for supporting your success in planting this plant. Or if you are not patient enough to wait, you can also start the tubers indoors and place it in a pot for its earlier blooms. These ways are very important to be paid attention for having success planting if you really expect to have beautiful call lily bulbs flower to be placed at your home.

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