Best Way for Growing Tomatoes from Seed

Growing tomatoes from seed can be an exciting activities to fill our leisure time. We can watch them from the seed into a young tomato plant until becoming a tomato plant with fresh tomatoes hanging on its leaves. The ways to grow our own tomato plant are abound where practically we can do it by ourselves. However, we need to know several aspects before we start growing tomatoes from seed. For example, we need to know the variety of tomato that we want to grow. There are numerous varieties of tomato that we can find in the market where it depends on us which variety that we will grow. We also must pay attention to the place where we are going to start our growing tomatoes from seed activity where there are two options which are the outdoor place and the greenhouse. Why? Because there are several varieties of tomato that will grow better when they’re placed in the greenhouse and there are also several varieties that will grow better when they’re placed outside. Another thing to be known is the right step to grow our own tomatoes which is very simple.

Early Steps

The first step in growing tomatoes from seed, considering that we plant in the greenhouse, is to prepare the soil and to make the furrow as the place for the tomatoes seed. Also, it is important to put labels of the variety name in each row of furrow. The second step is to water those seeds with enough water and place them under the sun light to guarantee its needs to grow. In day seven or eight, we will see that the tomatoes seeds have grown where the young tomato plant will have their cotyledon leaves. In day fourteen or fifteen, we can see the cotyledon leaves produce more green color into their leaves and it grown in a bigger young tomato plant.

Last Steps

The third step that we must do in growing tomatoes from seed is to transplant the young tomato plants into another pot where this process is called as pricking out. In order to the right pricking out, we need to lift the young tomato plants from below and scoop the entire soil. The fourth step is to put the transplanted young tomato plants into another pots or planters. If we have reached this step in growing tomatoes from seed activity then all we have to do is to water it regularly and wait for the tomatoes.