Plant Cell Parts And Functions

Plant cells are actually the smallest cells that are very important for a plant, it is like a DNA of a plant cell that is enclosed within its nucleus itself. It has a most very important distinctive structure in a plant cell and presence of its cell wall outside of the cell wall membrane. It is also a form of outer lining of the cell. it constitutes of the cellulose and it has a main function that provides support and rigidity. The plant cells also contain so many membrane bound of cellular structures. The organelles of the plant cells that carry out of the specific functions is really necessary for the survival and its normal operation.

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There are some plant cell parts and functions. Different parts will have different functions, such as a cell wall, it is like a rigid layer that is located surround the plant cells itself. This part is made up of the cellulose. It is consisting of three layers, they are primary, secondary cell wall and middle lamella. These things are located outside of its cell membrane that has main function like to provide the rigidity, strength, and protection that can be used to against its mechanical stress and infection. The cell wall itself made up of a cellulose, pectins, etc.

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The other plant cell parts and functions are cell membrane that is located outer boundary of the plant cell itself. It encloses of the cytoplasm and of course those organelles of the plant cells. It is inside of the cell wall, and the cell membrane in semi permeable and it is allowing only by its specific substances in order to pass and block the others. Then chloroplast is also a plant cell part, it is actually elongated and disc-shaped organelle that is containing of the chlorophyll. This part has two membranes and structures that is looked like a stack of its coin.

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This part is actually flattened the structures which is containing of chemical chlorophyll. The chlorophyll is very important as a part of plant cell, because it needs to be used to the process of photosynthesis. Then cytoskeleton, it is a plant cell part as a networking of the fibers that made up of the micro-tubule and its micro-filament. It maintain the shape of the cell and give support to it. Microtubules are actually like hollow cylinder which is like structures that is found in cytoplasm of the cells and has a function to transport and support its structural cell.

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Other plant cell parts and functions are microfilaments, those parts are very solid of rod and it likes the structures and its primary function is actually a structural support. Then plasmodesmata that is like microscopic channels which will traverse its cell walls of the plant cells and will be enable to transport and communicate between them. Vacuole which is known as cells storage center, it has large membrane bound chamber that is usually called as vacuole and has a main function to storage. Tonoplast is a cell part that is located in the middle and surrounded by vacuole and its membrane.

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Because of those different important function of the plant cell parts, we need to understand it, although it is not too important for us to know, but this knowledge must be had by everyone who is trying to take biology subject or course in university. Sometime is is researched by people or experts to know the development of the plant cells itself. Because of those importances of the plant cells, many people are interested to know more about it, especially its function.

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